Lost Engagement Ring in Central VT.....Found

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

I got an email a couple days ago from a woman who lost her Great Grandmother’s gold and sapphire engagement ring on a snowy day. She searched hard and then a helpful neighbor who owned a metal detector came over and helped search, too. They didn’t have any luck. As good fortune would have it, I didn’t get called into work today, so I sent her an email asking if it was good to come down and take a look. I told her a big snowstorm is coming tomorrow night and it might be good to search now. She said yes and I went right over to her house. I got there and put all my detecting equipment on the hood of the car. She was telling me where she may have lost it and pointed up the driveway where she had parked. That’s when the Ring Gods spoke! From 20 feet away my eyes zeroed in on what looked like a ring laying on the ground. I walked over, looked down and there it was! Never even had to turn on the detector! It was all muddy but it perfect condition. So lucky, because it was laying right in the wheel tracks of the dirt driveway.
I handed it to her and out came the happy tears! She said that she had never met her Great Grandmother, but her Grandfather wanted her to have it. She said she had already decided that if we didn’t find it that she was going to have a goldsmith make her a replica of it. But now all she needs to do is have it resized!

I love these happy endings!

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