Wedding Ring Found Near Milton / Colchester VT

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Last night at about 8:30 I got a call from a guy who lost his wedding ring. His wife found The Ring Finders information online and said to give it a try. He explained that he had stopped on his way home from work to fill his company truck with diesel fuel. While pumping, he took the rubber floor mat out and banged it on the pump guardrail to knock the ice off. In the process, he broke his fingernail off and reflexes from the pain made him shake his hand in the air. He felt the ring come off and heard it it something in the distance. He really couldn’t tell where the sound came from. The wind was blowing hard and it was snowing. He looked around for a mark in the snow where it might have gone in, but no luck. He then shoveled all the snow from around the truck, sifted through it and piled it behind the pumps where it would be safe from snow plows and hopefully it would be there in the Spring.

He told me that his wife was beside herself with sadness and he was very frustrated with a string of bad luck and working long cold days in the extreme cold. I was sitting on the couch, with my fiancee, keeping warm with my pj’s on! I thought about the bad weather and the 50 mile drive to get there, but decided the best chance of him getting it back would be to go right up. If we didn’t search then, the chances were very high that when they snowplowed the lot that night, the ring could be pushed anywhere, and possibly could get destroyed. There was also the very real possibility that someone else might see it after the snow melted and take it home.

I got there around 10, right when the store was closing. The ground was full of huge signals from underground tanks, piping, and rebar in the concrete. It was going to be a tough search. So, he scooped up the snow, that he had shoveled earlier, with a plastic shovel and I scanned each scoop. Found some foil and coins, but no ring. I started scanning the nearby snowbanks, the snow beyond them and then started scanning the parking lot. About 20 feet in front of the opposite side of where the truck had been parked, I got the awesome ring tone!! When I handed it to him he was so relieved and happy. He said “my wife will be so happy”!
I love this hobby!

On my way home, I stopped to help a woman who had gone off the road, and got home well after midnight. Most of us Vermonters will be glad when Summer returns!

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  1. Giovanni Gambino says:


    I lost a 500 dollar sleep tracker/oura ring. If you google oura ring you can get a better description of it. I need help finding it, I think I dropped it on my walk to my car (at work). Theres about three inches of snow out there and its cold as hell. So i think a metal detector would really help in finding it. Please let me know if you can help me.
    Im located at 400 Somerest Corporate Boulevard
    Bridgewater,NJ 08807.

    The ŌURA ring is made of a high-tech ceramic compound called Zirconia (ZrO2). The inside molding is a medical grade, 100% non-allergenic, nickel free, and non-metallic material that makes the ring feel very comfortable on the finger. The ring material is scratch resistant and waterproof to 50m /164 ft, so it is safe to wear the ring while taking a shower, a bath or during swimming. The ring can also withstand hot temperatures, so can be worn while in a sauna.

  2. Mike Baker says:

    It doesn’t sound like it’s constructed with much metal, except for the battery and electronics. It will take a detectorist with a high quality machine and lots of experience to help you. I would recommend contacting one of your local reps from The Ring Finders. I live too far away to help.

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