Lost Key Chain Found In Northern Vermont

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Got a call and email from someone very distressed today. He had lost his key chain in the snow while plowing and gathering wood. His home is in one of Vermont’s northernmost towns. They have so much snow up there!
There were keys and fobs on it for their late model Cooper and Volkswagen, company trucks and buildings and others. It would’ve cost around $1,000 to replace them(including towing and reprogramming). Wow, keys are so expensive these days!
I went right up and we began to search. I got a faint signal, probably some old fence wire, then got a real loud signal. He dug down in the snow and there they were. What a huge chain, about a dozen keys!
I then got to meet his wife and all their dogs. A great trip, we were all very happy!

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  1. James says:

    This was me! Just wanted to say Thank You! again Mike. You literally saved the day, week, month for us. The Backstory that Mike is too humble to admit, is that he drove over 2 hours round trip to help me ON Superbowl Sunday, AT 5pm! On the day of his very own Engagement! Good Luck to you and your Fiance´ Mike! Thank You both for your generosity, grace and selflessness.

    In an effort to help prevent anyone from being in a similar situation, if you own a Volkswagen, now the largest automaker in the world, take a picture of the key. It will save you time and money in a pinch. there are websites that can decipher the key code from a picture. Better yet, pony up the $100-250 for a spare, because losing your only key can cost $500+. this applies even to 20 year old VW’s.

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