Lost Apple 13 Pro iphone Found and Returned After Month in the Lake- Bluffdale, Utah

While diving for a lost ring in a lake, I came across an iphone 13 pro that had been buried in the mud. I wasn’t sure if it would still work so I took it home and dried it out. After sometime, I plugged it in and sure enough, it started to charge up. I researched all the different ways of how I could find the owner of a lost iphone but after almost a month search and exhausting all methods of retrieving the owner’s information, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get it back to the owner. After talking to Chris Turner from the ringfinders, he mentioned another way of getting to the phone number on the phone which I am happy to report worked!!! I got the owner’s phone number and sent him a text. Hayden responded with disbelief when I texted him. Fortunately, Hayden lived close to me and I was able to meet him the next day and returned his phone. He mentioned that he had only had the phone for a short period of time before losing it in the lake and didn’t have insurance on it. He had already purchased the exact same phone so hopefully having the old phone back will give him a way of recuperating some of his cost. Hayden was so excited and even more impressed that I would spend so much time trying to return it. From when Hayden lost it, to when I found it in the lake, it had been in there for over a month!!! Glad it was still in working condition!

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