Lost White Gold Engagement Ring With Many Diamonds In San Antonio, Tx. (Found)

  • from Auburn (Alabama, United States)

I received a distress call from a young lady (Meagan) saying that she had lost her engagement ring on 12/12/20. She stated that she had taken it off her finger while in the car and dropped it but could never find it. She and her fiancé searched the car and surrounding area of the driveway but no luck. She  stated that she had food in her lap at the time she lost the ring. She also stated that she had also taken her car to the dealership and had them remove the seats to look for the ring. I meet up with her today, 12/18, to try to locate her ring. I searched the grassy area along the driveway and sidewalk but no luck. Then I remembered her saying that the food bag she had in the car was now in a garbage bag in her trash can in the garage. I asked her to get it so I could check it. As I started rummaging around in the nastiness of its contents I caught a glimpse of a silver looking rim. When I picked it up out came a food covered diamond ring. She was beyond believe and shed a few happy tears. I am so glad she hadn’t put the trash can out for collection today. The ring would have been gone forever. Meagan, best wishes to you and your fiancé on your upcoming wedding next month. Another happy story continues.

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  1. Meagan Vernon says:

    I cannot thank you enough for finding something that was very precious to me. I thought it was gone forever. I am so grateful that you found it! Now I will be able to wear my ring on my wedding day.

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