Lost Man's Wedding Ring In Sequin, TX. (Found)

I was contacted Tuesday 6/16 by a gentleman named Tylor. He told me that after playing volleyball in the pool at his grandfathers house he noticed his wedding ring was no longer on his finger. They did an extensive search of the pool and traps but no luck. I told him I could be at his grandfathers first thing Saturday morning. Since Taylor lived in Houston he would not be able to be there. When I arrived Grandpa Homer came out to meet me and off to the pool we went. I began my search on one side of the pool and then began to work around to the other side. I was just about to run out of yard when I got a solid 62 on the AT Pro. There was no doubt that it was the ring. It was completely hidden in the thick St. Augustine grass. No way to eye ball it. With great pleasure I gave the ring to Grandpa Homer. Thanks Grandpa Homer for being such a gracious host.  And now the story continues.