Lost engagement ring in Coronado found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Kari finished her day out in the ocean, and went to her vehicle to put on a dry shirt. She had left her engagement ring in the pocket, and while putting on the shirt, it must have fallen out. Her vehicle was parked in the last spot next to some landscaping that has some ground cover and tall, thick bushes. She looked for it extensively, but, couldn’t find it. She was advised to contact me and when she did on a Sunday afternoon, we made arrangements to meet the next morning, since parking is virtually non-existent on a weekend in this area. We met Monday morning and she showed me the search area. Tiny area actually, but, this morning someone else was parked in that spot and close to the curb. That made a narrow access path to search. No matter, I started out with a big coil on my Equinox hoping the added depth would help in the ground cover and tops of the bushes. LOTS of foil and other junk targets everywhere, which took some time to weed out. I covered the whole area and couldn’t find the ring. We discussed that maybe it was actually in her vehicle and that it might be a good idea to recheck that again. I told her that I was going to go ahead and re-search the area with my little sniper coil so I could get into some tight areas and be able to search right up next to the curb without getting the interference and false signals from the SUV in that spot, that I was getting with the big coil. She thanked me and headed back to the beach with her children. I swapped coils and weeded out a few more junk targets and swept along the curb on both sides. Eventually the targets started to thin out a bit and I got another solid 4 reading which I figured was another bit of foil. Wrong! This time it was her ring! It had been stepped on and pushed into the dirt just an inch from the curb edge. I went back to my truck to get another detector that I was going to use out on the beach and started her way to give her the good news. She had actually gone to the beach, gathered her things and children, and returned to her vehicle to leave. When I approached, I asked if she was heading out, and when she said yes, I told her that if she was, she had to take THIS with her, and showed her the ring. A happy Kari and kids can help continue the ring story. Sorry I didn’t clean it better before returning it, I was going to wash it off, but, didn’t make it that far before I got up to your vehicle. Thank you for the reward.

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  1. Kari says:

    I am so thankful for Mark finding my ring. It’s a very thin band and it was a difficult search. I had totally given up hope, but not him. He didn’t give up and I couldn’t be more grateful. What a honest and persevering soul! Definitely reach out to Mark if you find yourself in a similar scenario. My family and I are forever thankful.

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