Lost ring at Pacific Beach found.

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Demian and his wife were visiting here and had a day at Pacific Beach. Demian like to surf and after riding a wave, grabbed his board in thigh deep water, when IT happened. Yup, his ring slipped right off and into the surf. When I received the call for help the next day, we talked about the loss to determine time, tide, location, water depth, etc. The tides were not going to be in our favor for a surf hunt, so, the search had to be delayed until a good minus tide coming up many days later. Not an ideal situation, as I like to jump on them right away, but, attempting deep water hunts in the surf are usually just a waste of time. It’s just too hard to keep a decent grid pattern going without leaving gaps with the waves pushing you around. Demian sent me a Google map with the approximate area he was surfing and the likely spot where the ring came off, as they had to leave town and go home.

Anyway, fast forward 11 days and a nice -0.9 tide on Father’s Day, I hit the beach at 2:30am to take as much advantage of the lower water level as possible. I started a grid parallel to the water’s edge and work my way out with the lowering tide. An hour later without so much as one target, I was beginning to wonder if someone had already been there and done a thorough search of the area. A nice solid 12 rang in my ears from the Equinox and sure enough, it was Demian’s ring! That’s the ratio of trash to treasure I like to see! I texted Demian and later that morning I got the happy return text. We arranged to meet the next day for the ring reunion. A pleasure meeting to two, and thank you for the generous reward.