Ring lost in Point Loma found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Patrick was playing with his son at a local park, when at one point, he noticed that his wedding ring was missing. He had been playing and chasing his toddler in several areas of the park, most of which was covered in bark mixed with some leaves and grass. Real easy ground cover to camouflage a gold band. He walked over the area and tried to eyeball it, but, that was unsuccessful. He returned that night with a flashlight hoping to get a glint of gold from the ring, but, that was fruitless too. After an online search, The Ring Finders and my info gave him some hope. I met Patrick at the park the next day and got the low down on how the ring was lost and an idea of the size of the search area. I decided to start at the spot where he noticed the ring was missing and work backwards in time retracing his steps. I find many times in a situation like this that most people notice a missing ring shortly after it comes off the finger. In this instance, it was a good decision. After a couple of junk targets, I heard the sweet sound and number on my Equinox that I was hoping for. I could see the curved outline of the ring right there in plain site in the bark. I turned around and told Patrick to look right over here, and as I turned back around, I initially lost where it was myself, and I knew where I saw it! Seconds later I found it again, pointed to it, and it took a moment or two before Patrick could see it too. It’s amazing how well a gold ring can become virtually invisible under these conditions. A happy Patrick can now go home and share the good news with his wife and son. A pleasure to meet you Patrick and thank you for the reward.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Mark was amazing and extremely quick to respond when I contacted him about doing a search. After a little back and forth, Mark was at the park I lost my ring at the next morning. After telling him about where my son and I were playing and where I thought I may have lost it, he began his search. After cleaning up a few old rusty cans that he found he located my ring in roughly 30 minutes. Even after he located the ring it still took me a second to actually see it amongst the bark. I cant explain how grateful I am for Mark! Thanks so much and I would highly recommend Mark to find any items that you loose.

    Thank You!

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