Mission Bay ring found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Chanel discovered her 2 carat diamond engagement ring was missing off her finger at 11pm. thinking back to earlier in the day, she knew she had it after a swim in the bay at about 3:30pm. She couldn’t remember anything in particular that she did in between those times that would cause the ring to come off except for shaking her towel to remove some sand. The location where she had camped on the beach was relatively small, but, no ring was found after I completely gridded that area. After some more Q&A, she mentioned that she had also been in her house and had washed her daughter’s hair in the bathtub. Aha, that sounded like a likely place to check. While that was being checked, I expanded the search area on the beach. After an hour, I called off the search. While walking back to my truck, I pass right by her house. I stopped and knocked on the door to tell them the bad news, and found out that they had just found the ring while searching the babies bassinet! I didn’t find it, but, I like to think I helped by eliminating one possible area and getting them thinking about other possible areas.