Ring lost at La Jolla Shores Found.

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Fernando, was at the beach with his family. They had the umbrella set up, the blanket down, and he was playing in the sand with his children, when, he decided to brush the sand off his hands. Well, you know what happened next! The ring brushed off as well and went into the sand. Even though it was a tiny search area, they couldn’t find it by sifting through the sand with their fingers. They went to the internet and Google where they found Stan Ross, our fellow member and personal friend who was up in Orange county at the time and was at least 2 hours away. He suggested that they call me. I had just returned from another successful ring search down south and was ready for another adventure. The adventure was finding parking at La Jolla Shores on a hot, sunny afternoon! 20 minutes looking for a spot and a 10 minute walk later, I was at their blanket meeting the family and hearing the story. 10 seconds after firing up the E-trac, and 3 seconds of using the Uniprobe pin pointer, Fernando had his platinum wedding ring back. Now it was my turn to make somebody happy by leaving and opening up another parking spot! Nice to meet you all and thank you for the reward.

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