Ring found at Mission Beach returned to owner

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

       This return is a reverse find, so, I don’t know if it counts in our total or not. Wednesday evening was very warm and humid and I couldn’t get comfortable, so, I decided to go down to the beach for a while to cool off and do some detecting. I got there around sunset and started searching over the blanket line area as people were leaving for the day.

     I was finding some coins and other misc. when I came across a good sized ring. It was dark and I didn’t have my glasses so I had to wait until I got home to see exactly what I had found. I left at 11:00pm, went home, and cleaned up my equipment and finds.

     Inspecting the ring, I found a name enscribed inside the stainless band. Not a common name (first name Guillermo) so I figured it was worth a try to find the person who lost it. I didn’t see any “Lost” ads on Craig’s list matching this ring but after a bit of internet surfing, I came up with a couple of possible leads. A call to one number got me a woman related to the Guillermo I was seeking and offered to have him give me a call. A bit later, I got the call from an excited Guillermo and we made arrangements to meet at a local shopping mall for the exchange. In talking with him, I discovered the ring was given to him from his girlfriend and he was uncertain as to where he had lost the ring. He just noticed it was missing at one point (three days before I found it) but didn’t remember actually losing it. He was happy to hear that there is a group called The Ring Finders and praised our efforts. It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you for the thirst quenching reward!

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4 Replies to “Ring found at Mission Beach returned to owner”

  1. Good investigation to find the owner with such a minimal bit of info.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Yes good detective work Mark…I’d say that great smile counts! Way to go!

  3. Justin Oshiro says:

    Great detective work Mark! That’s going above and beyond and speaks volumes of your solid character.

  4. Mark Rubey says:

    Thanks guys! I know you’d try to do the same. It’s half the fun in my book, and it’s the half that doesn’t involve getting sunburn, bit, or beat up by the surf!

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