Jewelry cache in Clairemont Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

After seeing me on the news, Bob called me and asked if I could find a cache of jewelry at his home. After discussing the details and the problems of trying to use a detector in a house, I agreed to meet there and give it my best. Bob e-mailed me after my visit and wrote out the whole story so I’ll let him tell it in his own words……

I wanted to take a moment to express to you our sincere appreciation for your time and expert skills in locating some of my wife’s jewelry.   Many of the items were priceless to us as we had acquired them throughout our 30+ years of marriage.  Each piece was surrounded by precious moments in time marking the event that lead to securing the item. 
As I described to you my wife had hide the jewelry as all of my immediate family were going on a much anticipated trip to New England last November.  As we were all rushing around getting ready to leave my wife carefully hide the items and we departed for the airport.   
We have a great trip, made many memories, and took dozens of great pictures to remember it by.  The next day my wife went to get her jewelry and put if back in her jewel box and could not remember where it was.  For the next month we would take time at night and on the weekends tearing rooms apart to search for it.  She know she had hide it very well and as the months rolled on it certainly appeared that she had.  We concluded that in the haste and excitement of leaving for New England she had thought about so many great places to hide it she could not remember where she had.
Fast forward to November 2013.   I had decided to mount another attempt to find her sadly missed and memorable items.   I purchased a modest medal detector and planned to begin my search on the weekend.  During that week I was watching the local news and saw the piece of you finding the wedding ring for a man in Del Mar in 2 feet of water.  Within a few minutes I wrote down your name and the name on your hat.  I did some research on the web and obtained your number.  That night I called you and arranged an appointed the next day. 
Upon your arrival I took you though the house and you planned your attack.  You began your careful search challenging your skills and equipment with metal items such as zippers, cloth hangers, door handles, inter-walls nails, pipes and electrical wires.  Searching the attic first, then the master bedroom’s walk in closet and the laundry room.   
I was concluding a conference call in the other room when you calmly came walking in and said I think I found it!  I could not believe my eyes, items I had grown to love over the last thirty years, and not seen for more than a year had returned.  We talked for some time and you showed me how you had found them hidden the laundry room.   I thanked you profusely, gave you a small token of appreciation for your time and talent, which would not be expressed in any way, wished you a happy Thanksgiving and awaited my wife’s return. 
I can’t describe the smile I had on my face thinking about how happy she would be when she returned to find that you had found her long lost treasures.   I carefully placed them out, like on display, on the bed in the guestroom in anticipation of her return.  I was on the phone when she returned and told her you had to leave and she went on about her business until I had finished my call and called up upstairs.  I would have hung up as soon as she got home but I wanted to surprise her and give her my full attention and experience her profound joy.
I called her upstairs, just to talk, as I stood in the guestroom.  She, I think thought we were going to talk about what we were going to do this weekend in preparation of our family get-together this upcoming Thanksgiving week.   As she walked in her eyes got wide and began to cry.  Could not believe what she was seeing.  In her disbelief she asked me if this was really true.  We held each other in happiness for a long time.  She then went and picked up each piece examining them one at a time.  I expanded how you had found what we had been looking for for over a year in a little under an hour and a half!  She was stunned and very appreciative.
I am taking the time to write this as both of us wanted to express our sincere and heart felt appreciation for your time and talents.  I wanted to go into detail so you would know the importance and sheer joy my wife and I had when she walked into the room and saw her keepsakes.  Also the value to us of your time and experience.
Thank you again.  I have attached a picture of the pouch you found for us.  I wish you and your family a great trip to Las Vegas for you thanksgiving, and a wonderful Christmas.
Warmers regards,
Bob and Hilary.
The only other thing I would add is, inside searches are not easy, but, they they’re not impossible either. If you find you’re in this type of situation, sometimes a fresh set of eyes and ideas will help. Thank you Bob for allowing me full access to search and for the generous reward.

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  1. Fitzy says:

    Wow….what a great story, beginning to end. Thanks for sharing….keeps me in the hunt!


  2. Wow Mark!!! You’re “THE MAN”!!! Many people would not even think of calling for an ‘inside job’ (no pun intended). Keep up the GREAT WORK!

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