Ring lost at Del Mar Dog Beach Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

I was checking the lost and found ads on my local Craig’s List, when I come across an ad that says a ring was lost at the Del Mar Dog Beach and that they were hoping to hear that someone had found it. Thom had been playing with his dogs along a river that emptys into the ocean and while throwing something in the river for them to fetch, his ring went with it. He, his wife, and relatives searched but couldn’t find it. I contacted Thom and told him that I would be happy to search for it if he’d like me to. He gave me the details and I planned to get there right away before someone else might happen upon it that might not know that Thom had lost it. It had already been a few days since the loss so The tides had changed a bit in the mean time. When I arrived, I was dismayed to find the tide was way too high for me to search. I tried around the area but I couldn’t get close enough to ground zero to do a thorough search. Low tides were expected in a little over a week so I told Thom I’d be back to do it right. Fast forward 10 days and I made it back at a nice low tide. After an hour and a half or so and progressively deeper water, I finally hit that good sound in about 18″ of water and 8′ out into the rushing river. No sand or muck in that section! All river rock! I figured it would be on the surface but nothing was visible. I dug down several inches and pulled out his ring. As happy as I was to find it and get out of that current, Thom was much happier with the news. Until he came to the house today to pick it up, he was still incredulous that it was found. It was my pleasure to find it and also to meet you. Thank you very much for the reward.

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  1. Fitzy says:

    Wow…great persistence and nice find. I always look at Craigs lost and found have at the very least put people in touch with ringfinders.com. I hope to be practiced enough this year to actually join.

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