Engagement ring lost at La Jolla Shores, Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

      A little team work was needed for this one! Faiviola called me with her tail of woe. She and her husband rented Kayaks at La Jolla Shores beach and on their return voyage, their kayak overturned in the surf. Her camera, sunglasses, and engagement ring were all dumped into waist deep water. They managed to recover the camera but the sun glasses and ring eluded their frantic search. They live a good 3 hours north of here and had to go back home minus a treasured token of their love for each other. Faviola decides that she’s not willing to give up quite yet and finds the Ring Fingers site and gives me a call.

      After sending me a Google map and some directions to the loss site, I head down there at the next low tide which was coming up very soon. It was an afternoon low tide and not a very low one but I wanted to get on it right away as that beach is hunted a lot. Three hours later, no luck. I call Faviola back and tell her I’ll return later that night at a minus tide and try again. I arrive at about 1:00 am or so and in the darkness, I can make out a figure walking out on the beach in the area I want to search. I could tell by the movements that, hey, that’s another detectorist out there! I head over to see if he may have found Faviola’s ring. He says no, we chat a little bit and we go our separate ways. I search farther out in the surf and expand the area a bit but still no luck. Earlier, during my day search, I ran across a guy who said he lost a pair of Ray Ban’s in the surf and wanted to know if I’d found any. I hadn’t but told him I would keep an eye out and got his number. At about 4 in the morning my sleep deprived brain remembers these sunglasses and so I head back over to Colin, who is still close by detecting. I ask him if he found any Ray Bands, and he says he found some sunglasses but doesn’t know if they’re Ray Ban’s or not as he didn’t have a light. I flick my light on and see that they’re not Ray Ban’s but then I get to thinking that maybe they might be Faviola’s. I ask where he found them and he pointed to an area that was out of my described search zone so I figure they must not be hers. We talk a while exchange phone numbers and I asked him to contact me if he finds the ring or knows someone who has.

       I head home tired and sleepy and faced with calling Faviola and giving her the bad news. I said that I would keep it on file and talk to club members, and others I know who detect that beach, to be on the look out for this ring. The next day, I get a call from Colin that he thinks he found it! He went back to the area where he found the sunglasses and concentrated a search there and got that sweet sound! I check out his posted photo of the ring he found and it matched the photo I got from Faviola. Outstanding!  My next call with Faviola was much more fun than the previous one!   

       We all arranged to meet the up coming Saturday (today) to reunite Faviola with her ring. It was a pleasure to meet her and her husband and to keep the ring story going. Thank you very much for the reward (which I shared with Colin)  to keep this service going. I also want to give a big thank you to  Colin for his important role in this recovery. It was his honesty, integrity, and determination that made this reunion possible. Who says you can’t make friends on the beach in the middle of the night?!

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That’s Colin on the left, Faviola, and yours truly.