Lost ring in Pacific Beach found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

After finding a ring in the morning, I received a call from Grant who said his sister thought she had lost a ring in the sand at Pacific Beach when she decided to apply some sun lotion. It was custome made and matched a set of ear rings so she was rather distraught over losing it.  She didn’t notice until later that her ring was missing so this was only one of the several possible locations where it could have been lost. It had been lost the day before and since she was just visiting, she had already returned home to San Francisco. Grant knew where they had been sitting in the sand so he was able to put a boundary on the search area.

     This day, there were others camped out in that same area so I had to avoid detecting up on someone’s blanket! After no more than about 5 minutes of gridding and no sounds of any kind (good or bad) I was thinking maybe someone else had already hit the area and scooped up all the good stuff but right when I thought that, I got a nice gold reading on my E-trac and looked down to see part of the ring sticking up out of the sand not 3 feet from where a couple of women were sitting on their blanket watching me! Good thing they and everyone else that may have happened by had bad eyesight! Grant now gets to make the fun phone call and a guaranteed bed whenever he wants to visit San Francisco. Add another smile to the list and one for me as this was a fun day at the beach.


Sorry about the poor photo. I didn’t realize is was blurry until I downloaded it from my camera. It’s a very nice gold ring with a topaz.