Lost Keys found in San Diego

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

       When I turned my phone on this morning, there was a voice mail message from Ken about some lost keys. I called him back but was told that he already found someone else to search for them. I told Ken that if they weren’t found to give me a call back. Sure enough, a couple of hours later, he called back and told me that the other guy with a metal detector (not a ring finder) couldn’t find the keys and had left. Ken wasn’t quite ready to give up yet and wanted to be sure the keys were truly gone before buying new ones hence the call back. I told him I’d be happy to search for them but in my mind, I was a little skeptical that they could be found as the search area described wasn’t very big, Halloween trick or treaters had been all over the search area, and someone else had already given it a shot.

       When I arrived, I was warmly greated by Ken and got the story on how they were lost. Seems he arrived home late afternoon on Halloween after getting some groceries and had them in one hand and his keys in the other as he went to his front door from the driveway. When he saw a palm tree seed husk laying across the path, he reached down with his “key” hand and tossed the husk over to the side. Well, the keys went with it and even though he searched until dark and the next morning, they were nowhere to be found….at least by the naked eye. After I had him reenact the husk throwing, I started with the most likely area they should be. There was some landscape wiring, sprinklers, and rebar inside the concrete so it wasn’t the easiest place to hunt but after about 15-20 minutes, I found them under the short palm on the left in the photo and down inside the long leafed plant shown in the other photo. Ken was now a happy man as he was able to lock up the house and run (drive) away from home! I’m glad I was able to help you Ken and thank you for the reward. It helps keep the ring finder and keyring finder service going. Now repeat after me…..do not call brand X when you can get a genuine ring finder!