Class ring lost nearly 60 years ago found by chance while diving found and returned to owners daughter

  • from Orleans (Massachusetts, United States)

so for the past month my hobby hunts have been rather anti productive other than a few old silver coins which is some what depressing. I decided to go on a short road trip about an hour away from cape cod to an undisclosed location/pond I’ve never dove before, the water temp was 70 at the surface and 65 at approximately 8-10feet deep. Right off the bat I hit a brass signet ring that looked like gold but unfortunately was not (still a ring and a decent start) so I kept going after a couple hours my air was getting low so I made my way back to my vehicle to head back to the cape to do another dive in a pond I’ve done very well in in years past. While heading back in I got a solid mid tone on my minelab Excalibur II and started digging and fanning the muddy silt on the bottom, I reached my hand in the hole and grabbed a handful of muck but felt an unexpected target, it felt like a ring (it was a ring). It turned out to be a class ring from gate of heaven high School in South Boston class of 1960 with the initials WJW. So now we fast forward past the second dive back home where gold ring number two for the day was found which was much older than the class ring, I started the search for the owner but could not find any records of a person from the class with those initials. Feeling like I hit a dead end I turned to Facebook and found a group of alumni from the school which I managed to join and posted the find with a help find the owner please request, that was Sunday morning around 6am. By noon I had a text message from a woman who was named Christine wadel saying she believed it could be her fathers ring and that his name was William Joseph wadel, so rather than text back I called her and she sent me some pictures of her father as well as his HS diploma from the class of 1960. She agreed to make the trip to the cape on Tuesday 6/18 last night to get the ring so she could give it to her after this weekend who lives in Virginia when she goes to visit him. I got ahold of  WBZ 4 Boston and a reporter came to the cape to do an interview with us and to document the return. So now the ring is in christine’s Hands and will be headed to it’s right place on her fathers finger, this type of recovery/return has been on my bucket list for years and I finally managed to pull it off

heres a link to the story