Luke Berube

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I operate on a gift/reward basis the only time I will ever charge is if I am called to dive for lost items.

Search Types

Land (beaches,fields,snow banks,private property with permission). Water salt or fresh and underwater (I scuba dive)

Search Locations

Primarily on cape cod but I do travel off cape frequently.

Luke Berube's Bio

My name is luke berube I am from Orleans Massachusetts I have been detecting for approximately 12 years, I am an advanced open water certified diver, licensed boat captain, and avid mountain biker. I am 28 years old, I have been spraying Line-x truck bed liners for 11 years as my profession which takes up a lot of my time but I always find a way to take some time to pursue my hobbies of detecting,diving, and biking

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Luke Berube - Testimonials

  • I am in awe of Luke, Jim, and the other ring finders... (2019)


    Where to even begin?

    I was enjoying a beautiful Saturday with my husband and friends, soaking up the sun and playing catch in the water, when my worst nightmare hit - my wedding band and engagement ring were missing. Immediate panic and retracing steps set in, assuming them lost forever in the ocean. A kind group came over to us frantically searching the ocean, telling us about who had recently found a lost ring for them. In the midst of tears, I emailed Luke who immediately got back to me, telling me he would be in touch the next morning. The next day, Luke and Jim searched the ocean for 2-3 hours, fighting seaweed and waves, assuring me when they came up empty that the ring would be found.

    Two days later I get a call from Luke who is returning to look for the rings after working all day. I happened to be on my way to look as well, wanting to recheck the beach instead of water. 10 minutes away, I get another call from Luke who has BOTH rings.


    I am in awe of Luke, Jim, and the other ring finders who help people during one of the most miserable, embarrassing (and expensive!) moment of their lives. The fact that I am able to celebrate my 1 year anniversary (and all future years) with my original rings is something I will never be able to thank them enough for. Luke mentioned believing in karma and all I can say is that good karma is coming his way for the rest of his life!

    To the rest - 1) Insure your jewelery 2) don’t wear them at the beach 3) contact

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


  • Thank you so much Luke. I will never forget it... (2018)

    Hi Luke,

    I want to take the time and opportunity here on RingFinder to thank you so very much. This watch truly means a lot to me. I got this watch as a high school graduation present from my mother and father. It was the 1st real expensive item I ever owned.

    I honestly can’t figure out how I lost it at Red River Beach. I really tend not to lose things (knock on wood). I lost it on a Saturday, and I went back to Red River on Sunday to look in the sand and parking lot.

    With little hope left, I called Harwich Recreation Center, Harwich Police, and Highway Maintenance Facilities to place a report on it. After three days, I really gave up hope. The watch that my parents gave me that I had since 2006 was gone for good, all the memories lost.

    When Luke called me on a Wednesday, 4 days after I lost it, I was shocked and dumbfounded. It’s honestly a miracle. Thank you, Luke, for taking the time and effort to help me get this valuable piece back to me. My mom is probably more ecstatic than me about it.

    It is comforting to know that there are good people out there helping others that have lost valuables that can’t be replaced in this lifetime or the next.

    The watch represents all the hard work that my parents do and have provided for me in life, but I am glad to say that the watch now also represents hope in good people, treasurer finders, and the great people of Cape Cod. Thank you so much Luke. I will never forget it. Always.


    Chad Vaughan

  • For anyone who needs help finding something lost this is your guy. (2018)

    Luke, It’s a truly amazing what you do here for people. Leaving the Cape I was certain I would not ever see my wedding band ever again and two days later its back on my finger. For anyone who needs help finding something lost this is your guy. Thank you so much!


  • to have a professional, like Luke, in control was key! (2018)

    Mike is my nephew and we still get goosebumps when we retell this story!!! Along with Mike, my son-in-law, Terry, and my husband, Bruce, also spent some time looking but to have a professional, like Luke, in control was key! He is our hero!! Thank you, again!!