Christmas Eve miracle white gold wedding band found and returned from campground beach in Eastham ma

  • from Orleans (Massachusetts, United States)

December 24 2018 A Christmas Eve to remember

So I’m not someone who would normally believe in Christmas miracles or believe I’d be a part of one. Back in late July early August I got a call from Eleanor Hube from J&E enterprise (metal detector shop in Yarmouth)
She said a woman was on the cape with her family and that her cousin had lost his wedding ring, so I called heather and told her that I would head down after work to search for the ring. I got down to campground beach in Eastham around 5:45 pm and met heather and her husband, cousin Eric who lost the ring, his husband justin, and a few other family members who were there for the trip
There was some discrepancies as to the location that the ring came off but we had a general idea so I started searching and found some coins and trash and that was it and was the same results for the next 30-40 times I searched, until last night. I took a ride up to campground to see the condition of the beach and to my surprise the sand had moved a lot which was good there was only a couple inches of the light top sand before the heavy black sand which locks jewelry is once it hits it . I figured I’d go give it about an hour to see if I could find the ring, I walked out about 500-600 feet to the bar to the right of where the ring was supposedly lost and started to search, I was actually hitting targets pretty frequently which is a good sign. On my 10th pass I got a very faint signal that was bouncing around in numbers and was scratchy sounding which usually means a rusty bottle cap, I swung over it very slowly and the tone and numbers evened out a bit so I dug down about 10 inches ( this area had quite a bit of light sand) and dumped the scoop so I could check the pile and I got the target out and it sounded very good so I checked the pile by hand and I stuck my pinky finger in to the ring. I compared it to the picture that heather sent me of justin’s ring which was the twin to Eric’s and it was a match. I got a call from justin per heathers request and I sent him a picture to confirm my suspicions and it was indeed Eric’s ring. Justin wanted to keep it a secret and give it to Eric as a late Christmas present but Eric some how caught wind of it, needless to say they are both thrilled and it will be headed back to NJ on Wednesday morning.
“Best Christmas present ever” was the text from justin last night, now I can put this one in the strenuous recovery complete book and move on to the next.

the ring was mailed out on Wednesday morning and was received from the post office on Saturday morning.

i received a call from a reporter from the local newspaper (Cape cod times) on Monday afternoon to do a story about the recovery of Eric’s ring, which should be up in the paper in the next week, ill post the link when i get it

it drives me crazy that it took as long as it did to come across Eric’s ring but perseverance was the key to this recovery.

according to the reporter i spoke with on Monday she said that when heather called her about the story that i bacame a part of their family with the recovery, and that’s an awesome feeling  


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  1. Heather says:

    We are eternally grateful to you, Luke! Eric now calls you “his angel” and I do believe you are one of the most special people I have ever met. To continue to search for 4 months for a “strangers” wedding ring is unheard of these days and at no compensation! I’m sure I speak for Eric in saying, we could never repay you properly for returning something with minimal monetary value but priceless sentimental value!! You are an amazing person! Thank you for your continued effort and for the exceptional outcome on Christmas Eve!! It was such a great lesson in continuing to have HOPE! Our family needed that this Christmas, as Eric’s mom (my Aunt) continues to battle stage 4 Ovarian cancer! Now all friends on facebook, we will forever follow your adventures and look forward to celebrating this find with you on the Cape this August!!

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