Second platinum ring of the the night returned from mayflower beach in Dennis MA

  • from Orleans (Massachusetts, United States)

This one is very similar to the last post with the exception that Nate is a full time cape resident and he was throwing a football with his son…. Nate was down at mayflower beach with his son on Tuesday evening around 7pm they were throwing a football between the #2&#3 lifeguard stands in waist deep water, Nate went to catch the ball his son threw and the ball hit his hand just right that it knocked the ring right off of his finger. He contacted Eleanor from J&E metal detectors to see if he could rent a detector to try to find the ring but she had already rented her under water machine to Andre from my previous post. I called her yesterday to ask a question and she gave me Nate and andres phone number to see if I could help them out. I managed to get to Andre first which took all of 8 minutes then I beat Nate to mayflower to get the search going but had no luck at first, then Nate arrived and we narrowed the search area down to an area that was about 30x30ft but still no ring I kept thinking about the tide in cape cod bay which comes in approximately 6” 15 minutes which put us out a bit too far so we went in another 10 ft and boom a solid signal 2” down, one scoop later and there was Nate’s gigantic ring that I think most people could wear as a bracelet. We then exited the water and walked to the group of people who Nate left his phone with talked with them for a few minutes and learned about a ring on of them had lost on a Martha’s Vineyard beach 4 years earlier and plans will be made to search for that soon.

‘Anyways Nate’s ring was safe he and his wife were happy and I was too, we took a couple pictures of the ring then parted ways