Red river beach in Harwich ma gives up another ring that was thought to be gone for good

  • from Orleans (Massachusetts, United States)

‘Lost on Tuesday July 31 recovered Friday August 3

mike was down on the cape for vacation, he and his family rented a house on red river beach in Harwich so they could enjoy the beach without having to travel the jam packed streets and worry about finding a parking spot. It seemed as if the vacation was going as planned until mike was in the water with his daughter on his shoulders and a large wave slammed into him knocking his tungsten wedding ring off his finger in to the warm yet rougher than normal water.

mike managed to get ahold of Eleanor hube of J&E metal detectors of Yarmouth who rented mike a Tesoro sand shark detector which I think he really enjoyed using but he was unsuccessful in finding the band. When he went back to return the rented machine Eleanor gave him my name and gave me his cell number with a map of the location of the ring, I gave him a call and agreed to look for the ring that night, well the conditions in the water were terrible to say the least and the waves were breaking above my head. I did manage to get a good strong signal last night that I was sure was the ring but actually bringing it to the surface proved too difficult so I called it a night called mike and said I’d be back tomorrow. Well after work I got back to red river around 5:30today and 10 minutes of getting thrashed in the surf resulted in the large ring in the scoop. I exited the water and called mike to give him the news needless to say he was very happy and he contacted his uncle who was still on the cape to pick the ring up

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  1. Mike P says:

    I can’t thank Luke enough for finding my ring. His determination and experience were key in finding the ring which I thought was gone forever. I rented a submersible metal detector from Eleanor @ J&E Metal Detectors and had a blast searching for it but I had no luck. When I went to return the detector, Eleanor asked me to draw out a map of where I think it was lost and she would give it to someone to see if they were available to search. I still thought it was gone for good but what the heck, mind as well draw out the map and see where this goes. Later that day I got the call from Luke and he was a pro from start to finish. He kept me in the loop and when I got the call the ring was found, I was overjoyed (So was my wife)! Thank you Luke for everything!

  2. Amy says:

    Mike is my nephew and we still get goosebumps when we retell this story!!! Along with Mike, my son-in-law, Terry, and my husband, Bruce, also spent some time looking but to have a professional, like Luke, in control was key! He is our hero!! Thank you, again!!

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