Platinum band returned to couple from chest deep water at Dennis port beach

  • from Orleans (Massachusetts, United States)

andre and his family rented a small cottage on the water in Dennis port in between sea street beach and Glendon beach. While out playing catch with his daughters’  yesterday andres ring was knocked off his finger while catching the ball one of his daughters had thrown, he managed to rent a detector from Eleanor of J&E metal detectors and spent most of today looking through the rough waters of the small beach it came off in. He managed to find a good amount of trash but not his platinum ring, I called Eleanor to ask a question and she gave me andres number as well as a local man named Nate who also lost a platinum ring yesterday (I’ll get to that in the next blog post) I called and left a message with Andre who called me back 15 minutes later and gave me directions to him. Upon my arrival he gave me an approximate location to search, 2 targets and 8minutes later his ring was in my scoop and he was happy.

we talked for a few minutes afterwards and then I was off to find Nate’s ring which was a bit more time consuming but successful 

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  1. Andre says:

    Thank you Luke! I appreciate you taking the time out if your day to come out and look for my ring. I was very impressed with the experience working with Elinor at J & E Metal Detectors as well as with Luke. What a generous service you all provide. Thank you so much. I would happily recommend Luke to anyone looking for a lost item.

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