Elusive platinum band (well sort of elusive) recovered from a private west Yarmouth beach

  • from Orleans (Massachusetts, United States)

jay and his family had rented a vacation home that was tucked away in a gated private community. Their vacation seemed to have been going well until jay removed his platinum wedding band and put it in the small beach bag that they had brought for the essentials of a day at the beach, someone had apparently gone looking for something in the bag and had dumped the contents in the sand along with jays ring. After the first search jay had done with his family which led to nothing more than stress he contacted Eleanor hube from J&E metal detectors to rent a detector to hopefully find the missing ring. 4 plus hours of detecting later and the ring was still hidden in  the dry sand, upon returning the detector Eleanor offered to search for the ring today as we had some nasty storms coming through on Saturday. Well I gave her a call to see if she had any luck and she asked if I would go find it because she was in a good amount of pain, I said I would and she gave me a map and jays number.

i got down to seagull beach around 5pm to avoid the parking fee and started the 1/2-3/4 mile hike to get down to the private little beach where the ring had gone missing a few days before. I met some nice people who had kind of expected someone with a detector to show up (they did ask a few questions to prove I was looking for his ring and that I was in touch with him) after that I began the painstaking 20 second search which yielded a solid 12.05 on my ctx 3030, one scoop in I saw the ring sticking out of the sand and I knew  the ring was safe.

The people I met on the beach asked me to stop by if I found it, I did and they were nice enough to give me a ride back to my vehicle so I didn’t have to walk.

Jays ring will be mailed to him tomorrow and the story of the elusive platinum band can have a happy ending 


Update the ring arrived around 10am at jays house and I think he’s very happy

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  1. Jay Terada says:

    Luke, It’s a truly amazing what you do here for people. Leaving the Cape I was certain I would not ever see my wedding band ever again and two days later its back on my finger. For anyone who needs help finding something lost this is your guy. Thank you so much!

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