College championship ring recovered from red river beach Harwich Massachusetts

from Orleans (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-508-240-4880

Tuesday July 31 2018

i took a minute while at work to look for a text from a customer about ordering a product for their vehicle, by mistake I opened the browser on my phone and it popped up with lost and found craigslist for cape cod with a posting that was only a few minutes old and it had a phone number so I decided to call. The man who answered said he lost his college ring while wading in about waist deep water when he turned his back to a larger wave that knocked him over. I agreed to meet his friend down at the beach that afternoon to show me the approximate location. I arrived around 5:45 pm got the location and fifteen minutes later had the heavy chunk of 10k gold in my scoop, i exited the water and made the call to Doug who was waiting for a flight back to Minnesota and told him the “bad” news “it doesn’t fit my finger so I guess I’ll give it back” I don’t think he believed me that I actually had found it, the irreplaceable college championship ring but the pictures were proof the ring was safe and is now on its way back home to the rightful owner

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