10k wedding band found skaket beach Orleans ma

  • from Orleans (Massachusetts, United States)

Tuesday July 31 2018

shortly after finding the irreplaceable college championship ring @ red river beach in Harwich I was heading home and decided to stop by a beach I rarely detect that’s 5 minuets down the road from my house. I found a few dollars in change and a number of pull tabs, that was in the dry sand. I moved out on to the flats with little hope of finding much of anything after walking about 130-150 yards out I turned to my right walked about 20 yards and got a solid 12.13 on my ctx3030 and figured I had a nickel about an inch down well the nickel turned out to be a 10k white gold wedding band that was lost the day before I believe. I contacted Rick browne (another local ring finder) to see if he had known anything about it and he did fortunately, the wife of the owner had contacted Rick to search for it earlier that day and I believe the location was off just a bit. Rick emailed the wife to say that it had been found by someone he knew and that it would be given to him to mail back to new York . Well last night I swung by ricks house handed the ring to him and had a few laughs about his recovery from that day at the expense of ricks detecting partner Jim who apparently got a bit of a beating from a wave or two (sorry Jim). Rick is mailing the ring back to the couple this morning so hopefully the mailman gets there soon and they can be reunited with the ring that was l0st