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I was out water detecting early last week, and as I was getting out of the water, I was stopped by a woman named Diane, she politely asked if I had found any Treasures yet, my response was, only coins. Diane proceeded to mentioned that her future daughter in law Jessica had lost her Sterling “Eden” fish ring a few weeks earlier in knee deep water. I asked where? she said rite here. Working the surf line, I found it within five minutes. Diane had moved back up the beach before I had found it.  I went on my way down the beach to try my luck before leaving.

As luck would have it, on my way out back to the truck, I once again talked with Diane, and told her I had found Jessica’s ring, she said no way, in dis belief. I exchanged info with her, and that I would contact Jessica that evening. I did just that, Jessica answered the phone, I told her I was a Ring Finder, that I had located her through Diane, She was very happy to hear I had it found it. We made arrangements to meet, and tell me her story as to how it was lost.  She had mentioned that her fiance Ryan bought it for her about six years earlier. It was a special order ring. They are hand made one at a time here on Cape Cod. She has a matching bracelet also.

Jessica was coming out of the water from a swim, when she was pulling her hair back when the ring got caught and pulled off of her thumb. I guess that’s why there was still hair stuck to it when I found it. It was about three weeks in the surf, luckily I went over it. Congratulations Jessica, on your return. Congratulations on your soon to be marriage. It was a pleasure to get it back to you. Sincerely Leighton

Eden Hand Made Ring with GOLD fish Eye



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  1. John Lafleur says:

    Awesome Job .. I love your stories and returning them to their owners

    1. Thank You John I appreciate that.

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