Lost wedding ring in Provo, Utah: Found

Now this is a very unusual story. Today I was driving through Provo, and I saw a very old house. I didn’t know who lived there, but I knocked on the door and introduced myself to Zach, the man that answered. His home was built in 1885! Often old homes may have a few old coins in the yard, or maybe an old relic like an original key or a civil war-era bullet. I asked Zach for permission to use my metal detector in his yard to see if I could find an old relic or two. He was happy to give me permission. I didn’t find any old coins, but I did find a cool old pocket watch, and a man’s wedding ring. The ring wasn’t deep in the grass, so it looked like it had been dropped recently. I told Zach about the ring, and he told me it was his! He had lost it just a couple of weeks ago! He never thought to ask a Ring Finder to come help him find the ring, but one just knocked on his door! What are the odds???

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