Lost wedding ring Waikiki FOUND!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

It was around 9:00pm when I checked my email and noticed that Dan reached out and said he lost his ring in the water. I called Dan and started to get as much info as possible to help narrow down the search site. And as I gathered the info I started to get the equipment together and pack up the truck. I started to check the tides and make sure I would be able to complete this recovery. This lost ring was a Platnuim ring which would be in the chest deep area. After talking to dan we agreed to meet up at the beach in 45 minuets. I  talked to my dad who was over the house visiting his grandkids about the lost ring and he decided to come along for the ride.

When we arrived we all met up and Dan showed us the general location.  We prayed and talked about my signals I would use concerning if I found the ring or I dug up something else. We all understood our part and we all went our separate ways… Dan and my dad went to opposite sides of the beach to mark out the boundaries. I start up the old faithful Excalibur 2 and started to make my search. Knowing I need to get out as deep as possible because the tide is on the rise. I make a bee line straight for the deep. After 5 minutes of gridding as I walk out I get a loud PLATNUIM TONE ! I dug it up and there in the EXTREME SCOOP IS A PLATNUIM BAND. I turn on my head lamp and read the inscription inside… it says Tiffany and company. So, I motion to Dan that I found a ring. I yell out to dan “ what’s inscribed inside your ring?” Dan yells out” I think Tiffany and company “ And that’s when I yelled out of pure JOY… we found it! I gave a loud shout of excitement and we all rejoiced as we walked toward one another. When I presented Dan his ring I could see the relief on his face as well his demeanor. We all shared in this recovery and knowing GOD was working on all of us collectively to trust HIM. We embraced and we all agreed that Dan should get home and share this blessing with his beautiful wife!

Another recovery and Another happy couple!


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  1. Matt BOEVERS says:

    Nice recovery I love water hunts

  2. Matt BOEVERS says:

    Nice water recovery I love water hunts

  3. Dan says:

    Aloha. This is Dan, the owner of the missing platinum ring Kai found on February 17th. I’ll never forget this day. That afternoon I’d spent a couple hours playing in the water with my nieces. Then all of a sudden my ring just slipped off. I couldn’t believe it. It happened so fast and I’d only been married 12 days!!

    So the search began. My wife and I, her sister, her father, and a kind couple swimming near us, started scouring the ocean floor for the lost ring. The tide was going out and we were behind a breakwater so we could see pretty well. Didn’t help. We looked and looked and found nothing but sand. We bought some goggles and took turns searching close to the ocean floor. Still nothing. After nearly two hours, the sun was setting and the kids were cold. We finally had to admit it was time to go and the ring was lost. We were devastated.

    At home, I got online, did some searching, and learned about Kai (Lanaki) on RingFinders. I sent him an email around 9:00 PM expecting him to contact me the next day (keep in mind it was Sunday night). Within 20 minutes, Kai had me on the phone. He asked some questions as I tried to explain what happened and where the ring might be. He looked up the tide charts and told me it was a go. Are you kidding me?! He was willing to meet a stranger, in 30 minutes, on a cool Sunday, to help search for a lost ring!

    At the beach, I met Kai and his father. We talked about where the ring might be. Kai was a complete professional. He explained the process and what to expect. He tested his equipment, turned on his headlamp, and within minutes was in the water scanning. All I could do was standby on the beach and watch and hope.

    Kai was in chest deep water when I saw him slow down with the detector. “No way” I thought to myself. It hasn’t even been 10 minutes. Could it be? Sure enough, Kai spun around and gave me a big nod with his headlamp– the signal that he’d found the ring. Unbelievable! Just like that Kai had located and reunited me with my wedding band. A moment I will never forget.

    Kai was so great. I highly recommend him to anyone who has lost a ring in Hawaii. He knows what he’s doing and he’s a great guy to boot. I feel incredibly lucky to have met him and his father, and benefitted from their expertise and generosity. Thank you guys!

  4. Carly M Brinson says:

    May God always continue to bless you. I had started loosing hope. We continued to pray. You were diligent in your search. You dont have to do things like this for people but you do. When I got that call from you and then saw the picture I just burst into tears with gratitude. I have been carrying a very heavy guilt all week. My poor husband even went as far to get a replacement. You have really made me see not only the value of a ring but the value of a memory, commitment, hard word, diligence, gratitude but above all that there are people like you in this world that are so selfless. Thank you Kai, I can never repay you for what you have given me.

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