Lost Wedding Ring in Kelowna Returned

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Email received through Ringfinders.

I was so happy to come across your info online. We live in Kelowna and this past Monday,My Husband and I were playing football in the water at the beach. We were wrapping up the game to go dry off and I said….”okay last throw honey”. He went to catch the ball and his ring went flying off into the water as well. We looked for close to 2 hours. I went and borrowed a mask and snorkel and we did a grid, and had people helping us, but to no avail.I`m hoping your metal detector can help? We know the exact location it fell. We are only married just over 6 months and I`ve spent the last two days crying. The emotional value, With the engraving is so special and I hate thinking that its gone. We were in shallow water, Up to our knees standing, the ring is dark grey, tungsten carbide ring with the engraving “worth the wait”. Is there any way you can help? It would mean the World to me!! Feel to reply to my email or call me. Thank you Ken!! I am sure you can help. 

The returned Ring brought tears to the wifes eyes.

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