Lost Ring found in the Okanagan Snow

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

The horses water trough was frozen over, so Paul used his bare hands to remove the ice from the trough. After the ice was all removed and Paul was back in the warm house, he noticed that his 14k yellow gold wedding band was missing. He went back to the trough area and did a visual search, with no  luck. He went back indoors and googled the RingFinders, after contacting me, I told him I would be out the next morning with my metal detector to search for it.  It was a cold day with ice all around the trough area of the barn. Paul told me he shook his hands when they were cold and wet, so I did a search around the perimeter of the trough. Luckily it was soon found in the snowy area. Another happy customer.

Horseman lost ringHorsemans ring

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