Lost Wedding Band in Okanagan Lake

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Joe had checked the dive shops for assistance, but no one could help him. As President of the Kelowna Metal Detectors, Joe contacted me for help, I responded to Joe and met him at his campsite on Okanagan Lake where he showed me approximately where the ring was lost as he was throwing a ball with the kids. I told him I would return the next day with my detecting gear and attempt to find the ring. The next morning at 7am I entered the water and proceeded to grid the area. It soon became apparent that the that the soft muddy bottom was heavily littered with metal garbage. After 4 hrs I still had not located the ring, I decided that I would quit for the day and return with Joe  for the specific lost location. It was 3 days later when we returned with Joe feeling badly all week. I entered the water to once again continue the search. After another 2 hours of sifting through the many pieces of junk metal, I peered down into my scoop after retrieving a solid signal and there it was…..a mans white gold ring surounded by 24 diamonds! I was out in the water and let out a loud “yahoo” but Joe was fast asleep on the beach. Hurridlay I went ashore and woke him up with the good news and we both danced around with delight. On the way home Joe stopped in at the local store and as he entered the store the background music being played was his wedding music. How appropriate it brought tears to Joe`s eyes.