Win Win

  • from Huntington (West Virginia, United States)

Mr. Reed lives in my neighborhood and 20 years ago when I first started metal detecting I; before I knew better. I snuck onto a vacant lot that he owns, without permission, and detected for a bit. I found several good finds, but for fear of getting caught I didn’t hunt long, and then left the lot alone and never went back. Years have passed and I had forgotten about the virtually unsearched lot; until the other day I received a call about a lost ring. It turns out that Mr. Reed had fell off his tractor while mowing on his property, this passed spring, and his ring had fell off. Within a few minutes I was able to locate the ring. I found it fairly close to where he thought he had lost it, and although dirty, it was virtually undamaged. The ring held a lot of sentimental value to him and he was thrilled at its return. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to reconnect someone with their personal property. He probably would have payed me. However, we were able to work out a trade. He agreed to let me metal detect the rest of his property at my leisure. He was happy to get his ring back for free and I was happy to acquire a new spot to treasure hunt. That is what Being a ring finder is all about. We are out there helping people, while doing a hobby that we love.image

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  1. John Hughes says:

    Nice story, and its a great feeling to give back. Karma is a good thing for us ringfinders.
    Keep diggin. I would like to hear about your lot hunts. Private email. Carlsbad Cal member over 300 returns in 22 yrs.
    cheers John Hughes

    1. Johnny White says:

      I’ll defiantly let you know what turns up from the permission. My dad and I are giong to hunt it next week. We have found some really good stuff in the neighborhood, and we feel that this is one of the oldest homesites that hasn’t been properly hunted.

  2. Johnny White says:

    So far on the permission I have found 4 silver dimes, six wheat pennies and one 1933 Cracker Jack Mystery club token. However since finding the ring I have got to know Mr Reed a little better and he had noticed my interest in the property so he offered to sell it to me for a very reasonable price. Talk abou karma, I found a ring and got a house out of it.

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