Lost Ring Victoria,Texas

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

June Service Call


Received the following e-mail on 06/27/2013 from John B in Victoria Texas

John read a recent story on the internet and was glad to hear you may be able to help. My wife lost a small gold ring about 8 years ago in a small park here in Victoria. The ring belonged to her Grandmother on her mother’s side and had been in the family for over 100 years. It occurred at a small park while she held a den meeting with Cub Scouts.

She believes she placed it in her pocket and when she bent down it must have fallen out. We think someone probably found it and kept it but who knows, maybe it is there two three inches under the ground.

Follow Up email 06/27/2013

Yes she was sitting down at a picnic table holding a Cub Scout den meeting and working on arts and crafts. This park is behind a church and near a fire station; I took a detector out there once but found a lot of trash. She really believes it fell out, someone found it soon after and kept it. It was a small, small gold ring. What cost is involved? Do we pay you for looking or only if you find it? Thanks for getting back to me.

The ring had been in her family since the 1930’s, and was engraved with initials MD

I found John’s story very interesting and opted for the challenge. I made the two hour trip to Victoria,  and started searching the area in question. The Texas weather was no help on this day 98 degrees, it was just plan hot.

I dug holes until I was dizzy from the heat, lost track of how many, but just couldn’t find that little ring.

A couple of photos of the park upon my arrival, Looked pretty hot and dry, I was hoping for large oak trees and lots of shade.