Broken Diamond Ring

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

20130422_201406This weekend I was contacted and requested to find a wedding ring mount and stone.

The white gold mount and diamond from a wedding ring had apparently broke off the band.

I went to a local jeweler and secured a similar mount to determine if my Excalibur II was capable of detecting this small article.

Under the right condition the Minelab seemed to give a faint response. I was hopeful.

The callers residence was another issue, apparently high voltage buried cable and lots of building debris.

I spent couple of hours on my hands and knees with my pinpointer in the grassy areas where the mount and stone might have possibly fallen off.

My work revealed no results

Thanks Chris Turner for the insight on this project




4 Replies to “Broken Diamond Ring”

  1. Larry Griffith says:


    I belong to another website/blog page and read a short blog re: anti EMI cable magnets sold by Radio Shack (cost is $5.99) which helps eliminate/reduce electro magnetic interference on detectors (they are normally used on computer cables). I bought 3 of them (I have 3 detectors) and they are easily attached (simply snap connection). You can also easily remove them. I am anxious to try them, especially at a beach nearby that has overhead hi voltage electrical wires. You may wish to check into them. The part number is 273-105.

    1. John says:

      Thanks, I have never heard of anyone using that on their detector, I have always been able to adjust the sensitivity to tune most interference out. But with this item being so small, it was undetectable with any setting on my Minelab. Only my Minelab Pro Pinpointer would faintly pick-up this item.(the test items) and only at certain angles.
      Thanks John

  2. Mark R says:

    I find my Goldmaster VSAT works the best for those tiny items. It’s all metal though so you’ll pick up every piece of junk too! You may want to sse if you can borrow a gold machine there locally to see if it will work in those conditions.

    1. John Volek says:

      Would like to know if it would pick up something this small. Can you get your hands on a ring mount.

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