Lost Ring in Findley Lake NY...Found!

  • from Altoona (Pennsylvania, United States)

I got a call from Rachael P. asking me if Findley Lake in New York was too far for me to drive to find her lost Ever Us ring. Rachel had been cleaning out a bird feeder on her dock and her ring flew off her finger into the lake. She said she had a good idea of where it landed and that the water was about five to six feet deep in that area of the lake. Looking at the map, I saw she was about a three and a half hour drive from me and as luck would have it, I happened to be going camping up north the night before which would cut off about an hour and a half of the drive. Always up for a challenge, I loaded up my Garrett AT Pro metal detector and recruited the help of my somewhat reluctant girlfriend Julie to assist me in the search.

To say “the sea was angry that day my friends” (George Costanza) is an understatement. The lake was crowded with people tubing, on jet skis, powerboats, and the occasional pontoon boat that would drive in close to see why some guy was standing in a lake with headphones on. I was in the water up to my neck and the waves made by each passing boat made the search incredibly difficult as I could barely touch the lake bottom. After about 45 minutes of searching and floating around like a fishing bobber, I got a really good signal that I did my best to keep my foot on and scooped up the gravel below. When I dumped the rocks out on the dock I heard Julie yell with excitement “You got it Baby!” and Rachael jumped up from a nearby bench to see. Sure enough, there in the pile of gravel was her Ever Us ring that she thought she had lost forever. My persistence had paid off and I was grateful to be able to help Rachael find her lost ring. Julie was grateful too, saying with a laugh “I’m glad you found the ring because I couldn’t imagine a three and a half hour car ride home if you hadn’t.” I agree!