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Desloge, MO. – Lost Gold Ring Found in Yard

  • from Fredericktown (Missouri, United States)

I received a call from Wade on June 29th stating that his wife (Amy) had lost her ring while working in the yard.  He said he found my web page on theringfinders site.  He asked if I could come out and possibly find the ring.  I said, “Absolutely!”

So I met with Amy on July 1st and she proceeded to map out her steps the day she lost her ring.  She said she had taken her ring off and put it in her pocket so she didn’t lose it while working in the yard.  As the day went on she had reached in her pocket at some point and that’s when it fell out.  She didn’t realize it at that moment, but later did!

Because Amy was able to give me accurate footsteps throughout her day, it contributed greatly to the recovery.  After searching for about an hour,  I finally got on a solid 7 signal on the Equinox 600.  I was very hopeful at this point.  My wife Jane was with me on this hunt and I asked her to bring the pin-pointer over.  As I moved the grass aside we spotted it!   We gave each other a high-five!   “YES!”

Amy was inside her house with her grands so I called her up and asked her to come on out.  Well, you know the rest of the story;  I gladly put the 2 carat diamond ring back in her hand where it belonged.   She hugged both of us as she was thrilled to get it back!

What a Great way to start the month!!


I’m very grateful to Mr parker (FredMo lost treasure) for finding my diamond ring that I had lost a few weeks prior doing yard work.

My family & I looked for several days.  I was to the point…it’s gone.

We tried our grandkids metal detector they use to play with at the beach….

Nothing but nails. lol 

My husband googled jewelry or treasure finder… Mr Parker’s name came up, we called & made an appointment for Mr Parker to come out.

I showed him the area I was in, retracing my steps to him & ONE HOUR LATER HE FOUND IT!!!  I was so happy I’m in tears! 

I told my husband & boys afterwards they were so happy for me. 

We are very happy for the service he provided. 

Thank you so much Mr Parker…..

Wade & Amy 

Lost Ring Farmington, MO… FOUND!

  • from Fredericktown (Missouri, United States)

I received a call from Ryan on 9/19/22 and he explained to me that he had lost his wedding ring at a soccer park and wanted to know if I could help.   “Yes, I sure can”, I told him.  So we set it up for 6:30 am the next morning.  I had about a two hour window to find the ring before heading off to work.  Ryan pretty-much walked with me the whole time, bending down to search with me many times.  We had gone over about three quarters of the soccer field after about 90 minutes when all of a sudden,  a solid hit on the Equinox!  Ryan bent down to check… nothing.  Then I moved to the detector once more over about 3” from where Ryan checked… BOOM there it was!  I looked at Ryan and asked, “Hey bud, is this it?”  He was thrilled to say the least!   What a great start to the day for both of  us.