New Smyrna Beach Engagement Ring Find - Kaitlyn Hunsaker

  • from New Smyrna Beach (Florida, United States)


I sit here with my ring back on my finger in complete awe. Here my future husband and I decided to come to my home town a week before we get married, so I could show him my hometown. As we neared the end of our trip, we decided to play football in calf deep water. Passing back and forth, my ball slipped from my left hand as I caught it. And instantly my ring flung off.  The disparity I felt instantly was horrendous. And I never wish that hurt on anyone. We searched and searched. Even other locals jumped in to help and nothing. The tide was at its peak of high tide. And there was already a yellow flag out for the day as the waves and current were pretty harsh. After all the effort we could do to look, a thought crossed my mind to look at Facebook and see if I had any metal detecting friends. Instantly, he was referred. My call was answered on the second ring, my text was answered very promptly, and he kept me updated with an ETA. He got there 20 mins after my phone call. And went to work. Of course you just want to sit there and watch. But as I am 8 months pregnant my baby said otherwise! Ha. We decided to let him do what he does best and headed to the house. I remember getting in the car and saying, “we are never going to find this ring”. And bawling my eyes out. We got home, and I just sat there crying and just praying for a miracle. And BOOM. The picture came up on my phone. The excitement that ran through my veins was insane. I wish I could type into words the happiness he brought back to my life. This wasn’t just a ring. This was so so much more. He made my loss cause look like a breeze! I wish I could explain the feeling. And I hope no one ever has to go through what I did. But if you do. Use this company. What may be a lost cause to you, is a breeze to him! From the Hamilton family, we thank you guys so much for what you did today! And continue to do for everyone.

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