Lost Rolex Gold Ring in La Verne, CA Returned

  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)

A few days ago I received a call from a high school student named Nick. His father passed away just under 6 months ago, and his mom gave him his father’s ring. He was really distraught, Nick called me asking if I could come over after he got out of school. I went to meet him the next day. His friends were throwing a football in the front yard and that’s when the ring got lost. The whole yard was covered in bushes and tall leaves, making it difficult to find the ring.  I used my metal detector to search for a signal, but there was a lot of dirt so I had to rake it up and sift it through my sifting screen. After about an hour I got a weak signal from one of the big leafy bushes near the front and moved the leaves out of the way to get a better visual. There was the ring, sitting there with a big Rolex symbol on it. I was very happy to return the sentimental ring to the young high school boy, who was happy to have a piece of his father with him forever.