Seattle Tennis Club Ring Find

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

I received an email from a gentleman named Jake that his good friend’s wife had lost a family heirloom wedding ring in Lake Washington about five years prior at the Seattle Tennis Club. Many details were provided, special permissions were granted to search the specific area were the ring was thought to be however her ring was not recovered. Being that this is a very popular swimming area with limited access only to club members I was able to recover quite a few items. The most exciting recovery was a platinum wedding band that had an inscription of “Love Megan”.


As soon as I shared the news of the find with the Seattle Tennis Club’s manager he had his staff look up the clubs records for all the active Megan’s on file. Within minutes got a response from the couple that had lost this ring. About four years back her husband Gary had lost his ring after jumping off the high dive platform with his kids. He put a good hours work trying to recover his ring that day but the silt and milfoil got the best of him. He resolved to never seeing his wedding ring again and thought that was the end of the road. Naturally it was to his great surprise when he learned that I had found his wedding ring after all these years later. I was a very happy renuite Gary with his lost ring allowing its story to continue to live on.


See the story unfold and other items recovered here:


Jeff Morgan