Recovered car keys from Mayfield Lake WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

Got a distressed phone call Saturday afternoon from a man that said he got my number from a Tacoma dive shop and was hoping I could help him out of a jam! I then said exactly what did you loose and where? His response was that he lost his truck keys off the edge of the dock and that he and his family were stuck at Harmony Lakeside RV Park with no way to get home to Lake Stevens without his keys. I confirmed that he had exhausted his own efforts on trying to free dive for his keys but at sixteen feet under water, a bit cold and poor visibility he was unable to locate his keys. I agreed to provide a hand, put my dive gear in the car and took off to meet him at Mayfield Lake.









On my drive down I made a quick stop at the hardware store and found a large magnet and some rope. However the big box retailer doesn’t sell the really strong rare earth magnets because people use them to deactivate the anti-theft tags so all they has were some low strength ones available. After arriving on the dock I fussed around for a bit trying to magnet fish his keys back up to the surface but was unsuccessful. A quick dive was the only solution left so I suited up, and dove down, and recovered his ring of important keys. The most important key being that of his truck! Even though his key fob had been in the water for several hours fortunately it all survived an he was able to access his truck and start it up. His wife and kids were all very happy they were able to pickup camp and head home without any further delays.

Watch the excitement unfold:


Jeff Morgan


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