Grandmother's Gold Ring Lost in the Seattle Snow

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


Seattle got a snow storm and I got a call from Omar. He and his wife had just spent some time in a coffee shop several bocks from their Issaquah Highlands residence. Earlier the area has received its first snow of the year with very cold tempetatures keeping the packed snow and ice around for quite some time. Omar retelling the story told me that his wife had slipped and fallen down on her hands and knees. In the process her gloves got cold, damp and snowy. So Omar took her gloves and shook them out to rid them of the excess snow and water. It wasn’t until they made it back home that his wife made the sad realization that her late grandmother’s gold ring was missing from her finger at witch point her heart simply sank. Omar told me that they recalled having the ring at the coffee shop so they were certain that the ring had to be somewhere along the path between the shop and their home. It made the most logical sense being that the ring was already loose fitting, with cold fingers and taking the gloves off that this is where the ring managed to easily slip away. Omar had tried to search a bit just by looking up and down the path before he quickly realized he was going to need some professional help in his quest to recover his wife’s precious ring. He was able to find The Ring Finders and my contact info after a quick internet search.

After our phone conversation having heard his story I agreed that we had a really good chance of recovering the ring and carefully headed out to his location. The challenging part that happens in quite a few of these searches is having the patients to work the the individual as they try their best to recall their memories of where exactly their item was thought to have gone missing. Being that Omar and his wife had not realized they lost the ring until they got home they did not have a super focused relocation of where exactly she fell at fist. There were several clues and that slow came to Omar’s memory as we walked the path a few times and after adding up all the little bits I started to fell a lot more confident we were searching the correct area. However at the same time the longer the search progressed Omar admitted afterwards to thinking that we might have to give up. Knowing how well medal detection works to recover lost ring I knew if we got in the correct location we would eventually recover the ring. Remembering that the ring was lost only a few hours earlier and the few people passing up and down this sidewalk were far more occupied on the freezing weather and the snow.

Watch this video to see the exciting conclusion of Grandma’s lost ring recovered from under the snow:

It’s worth sharing that from the time the ring was lost there had been no snow or rain fall. We believe Omar’s aggressive shaking action flung the ring down with a bit of force and the fact these rings have a substantial weight to them likely drove the ring into the fluffy snow just off the compacted sidewalk area. So it was no surprise to me when I detected the ring with my medal detector the ring was completely buried in the snow. No visual search would have fond this ring until the snow had completely melted!

I was very happy to have been a part of the recovery of this ring and in get it back home to Omar’s wife finger where it belongs! We hope this ring stays with them for a life time as they remember their grandmother often.


Jeff Morgan


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