Ganesh's Lost Wedding Ring Picnic Point Park

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)



Ganesh was enjoying a nice sunny afternoon with his wife while walking on the sandy beach of Picnic Point Park along the water when his gold wedding ring fell off his finger into the sand. After searching for a bit his quick thinking wife Googled “how to find a ring in the sand” and found website. 

I received the call from Deepika around 4:30 PM on a Saturday afternoon just as the sun was about to set. She explained how her husband had just lost his wedding ring while they were walking the sandy beach of Picnic Point Park and they were unable to find the ring. I quickly looked up the tide tables for the area and was very pleased to learn that high tide was scheduled for 5:00 PM and low tide to be reached at midnight. This gave plenty of time for me to perform a night search without having to enter the water. So, I raced off to the beach and in total darkness armed with only a head lamp, my metal detector and sand scoop started a grid search. Under an hour and the ring was located buried just a few inches under the sand near the high tide water mark. This ring might have been lost forever if a metal detector was not used to discover its location, actually I’m quite certain of this.

I meet up with the two of them that evening and reunited the ring to a couple with very happy smiles! 

See the video:

I have to thank Deepika for her quick thinking to Google for a solution while still at the site. Once she got in touch with me over the phone I was able to talk her though some very important tasks. One of the most helpful request I ask her was to take some very specific photos of the area to include solid land marks and to txt them to me. I must say she did a super job on my request. By they time I arrived at the beach it was a small walk in near total darkness. With the aid of my head lamp and Deepika’s photos I  was able to easily find the drop zone of the ring and quickly got to work on the hunt.

We all hope this ring lives on with the two of them for a life time of great adventures.



Jeff Morgan