Nolan's Recovered Gold Wedding Band from murky Lake Sammamish

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

Nolan was swimming in Lake Sammamish at his parents lake front property. While treading water Nolan felt his custom made wedding band slip off his finger down to the thick silty lake bed below. Even though a very strong swimmer with excellent breath holds he was unable to locate his lost ring in only eight feet of water. Lost it on Tuesday, contacted me on Wednesday and I arrived on Thursday morning to perform the search and recovery. Nolan and his family had left the day before my arrival on site so his father pointed out the area he was swimming in.

Once again an extremely difficult search without the proper equipment and some experience to go along with the gear. As you will see in the video this ring was not a visible recovery and would only be found with the aid of a diver with proper underwater metal detection equipment.  Even with some experience this recovery took two hours under water to recover even when knowing the approximate location.  It’s a big lake and very small target as the saying goes it holds true even under water “It’s a game of inches!”

You will see a very condensed view of the recovery, edited out for time were areas of very thick milfoil growth and times when the very silty bottom got disturbed by my actions reducing the visibility to near zero.  The aid of the rope line underwater has once again proven to be extremely beneficial in this type of search to keep a strait bearing ensuring every inch of the intended search area is covered! The end result was a successful recovery with smiles all around!

Enjoy the video:


Jeff Morgan