Rowan's Lost Wedding Ring in Lake Sammamish

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)



This story started prior to  November of 2017 when Rowan’s  lost his silver and rose gold wedding ring. The weather was warmer, he was enjoying a swim and playing with his dog in Lake Sammamish. In neck high waters he threw a ball for his dog and watched his wedding ring launch into the air dropping within a few feet of him to the bottom of the lake. He spent several hours diving down but could not locate the ring hiding in the sand and millfoil growth.

Watch the video to see the full story unfold:

Rowan learned of the TheRingFinders from a podcast sometime after his initial loss and decide to find a local recovery specialist to assist him. After he made contact with me he  agreed to meet me at the waters edge to point out the precice area hew was in when he lost this ring. At this time due to our schedule we agreed this wold just be a site visit only and that  I would return soon after to start the search.

In December I performed the fist SCUBA search for his ring  however did not recover it at that time. The weather was poor yet I knew I would be back in better conditions at another time. Being a lake the ring was not going anywhere as with marine waters so my confidence was still very strong.

The walk from the parking area to the water is quite a hike and I was not fully prepared the fist time for optimal transport of my heavy SCBUBA gear. I was in the works of a better transport system and the months slipped by. Fast forward to June 2018, with a better option, a picnic wagon, and warmer tempetatures I sprung into action. I took my Excalibur II dive detector leaving no change of missing the ring this time around! On this second visit I was able to recover Rowan’s ring in the precise location stuffed in the sand in the thicket of a  milfoil patch as he told me about.

After contacting Rowan to meetup for the return of his ring I learned he has since moved out of state. So his ring has been proper packed and shipped to him so the two can be reunited once again. Rowan shared his gratitude and was very pleased to learn of the good news.

Thanks again for your patients on this one Rowan. Sometimes these hunts only take a few minutes and other times require a few visits. I am happy in the end we were able to realized a recovery for you!


Jeff Morgan