Jason's Daughter's Lost Gold Pendant

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

















A gentleman named Jason contacted me looking for assistance with a shallow water pendant recovery. His daughter was out the day prior and lost a very special yellow gold pendant she had received on her sixteenth birthday. The pendant slipped away from her and fell between the slat of the dock into the water below. This happened at the Seattle T-dock on Lake Washington in the Leschi neighborhood.  Jason told me that the water was clear and he could see that the bottom was very shallow  so without much additional thought he jumped into the lake. His attempting  to recover the pendant was quickly cut short as the cold water was more than he anticipated. This drove him to search for a diver to assist in the recovery.  After a few attempts he found TheRingFinders and my Seattle listing with SCUBA support.

Even though on the day of the search the weather was rather warm for Seattle at 80° F, the lake water was still a chilly 55° F.  The water was clear and the bottom where the pendant landed was no more than 5′ deep. However many lakes have a very silty bottom and it takes very little to muck up the visibility. Often times heavy jewelry, keys or electronics sink into the silt and are not even visible. Without proper underwater metal detection gear it really can be a lot of used up energy with very little return.

Having a full SCUBA dive kit including environmental protection, a nice warm dry suit, underwater dive lights, proper dive tanks and several underwater metal detectors along with a fist full of experence dynamically increased the odds of a full recovery.

As you will witness in this video report I was able to effectively recover the lost pendant and was happy to return it to this family.

Take a look at the video here:

This family did well having witnessed the precise location the pendant was lost they marked the location and took detailed photos with identifying landmarks. This really helped a lot and made for a very efficient recovery effort. They also were quick to reach out for support only a day after the incident improving their odds in getting a successful recovery.

However please do not be discouraged if you have lost an item of value in a know location in the water or on land but don’t have the exact pin point please call me for a chat. I have also recovered a wedding band that was lost for several years in a yard. Often times we can still locate items that you thought you would never seen again!


Your first step is to contact me so we can brain storm a plan for your lost item recovery mission.


Jeff Morgan