SCUBA Jeff's mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S8 in Lake Washington

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

Received a call from a gentleman that while walking on a dock where his boat was moored had his mobile phone slip out of of his pocket and into the shallow waters of Lake Washington. I meet up with Jeff and he showed me the precise location of where the phone went into the water. Being his prime business phone he was eager to have it recovered.

His Samsung Galaxy S8 is a water resistant phone keeping us  hopeful that it may still work. Even if it the phone was totally flooded Jeff needed the phone to utilize the lost / damage insurance policy. After a bit of searching with a metal detedtor the phone was found in the precise location of where it fell off the dock. To our surprise it was still dry inside and operating as intended. Having been found in five foot of water saved the phone for sure. Another fun recovery on a cold wet Seattle day…

Watch this video:


Jeff Morgan