Diamond stud earring recovered in Arvada, CO yard

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Lisa was out doing yard work in their back yard when one of her prized diamond stud earrings went missing. She spent several hours out searching for her earring over the next few days. She even went to a local rent-all store to rent a metal detector to search for the earring. When they tried the mate earring prior to renting the machine they discovered that a rental machine would not even pick up such a small target. Lisa then contacted another person in an attempt to get a search for the earring, that person showed no interest in trying the search. She then called me, though I was away on vacation and out of cell service. When I finally received the voicemail I called Lisa back and we set up a date for me to come and see if my machines would even pick up the mate earring.

Upon my arrival Lisa lead me to the back yard and told me of what she was doing when the earring went missing. We then tried one of my machines that I had brought along for the search, there was no signal from the mate earring. I made a few adjustments and was then able to hear the earring so we at least stood a chance of finding the missing earring though it was a long shot. I began my search in the area that Lisa was sure the earring was lost in, no luck. I expanded my search area and after 45 minutes I had found the earring back diagonally across the yard from the original search area. The earring was found about a foot and a half away from the back. To say that I was surprised at finding the earring would be a understatement. Lisa was so excited to have her earring set compete again.

Earring recovered 12-15-2018

3 Replies to “Diamond stud earring recovered in Arvada, CO yard”

  1. Fred stedtler says:

    Great job! I have tried finding small stud earrings on Ring search’s with no sucess. What adjustments were made to the Deus?
    Super work there!

    1. Jeff Lubbert says:

      As you can see I used the elliptical high frequency coil, I bumped the frequency up to 80 kHz and had to turn my sensitivity down to 70 to get rid of EMI. I was using the Hot program on full tones. Then I had to ignore the big signals as the mate that I tested gave off a very small signal. Honestly, I didn’t expect to find this earring but I had to try. I knew I had the right equipment; I had my Deus with the elliptical HF coil, Equinox 800 with the 6″ coil, T2 with my hockey puck coil and MXT with the 4×6 coil with me. The next part was to put in the time and give it a real search and not just go through the motions. I checked all of those small signals and after I found the earring back I knew I stood a good chance. Patients was the key.

      Jeff Lubbert

  2. Lisa Wakeman says:

    I wanted to thank you again! I am still in shock that you found it! I really appreciate your determination to find it!

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