Cell phone found and returned - Federal Heights, CO

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

I decided to take my new XP Deus 9.5×5 HF coil out for its first search. Since I didn’t have a lot of free time I decided to hit the local sand volleyball courts that are in a park just down the street. I spent about two hours finding $5.44 in change, a piece of costume jewelry and a cell phone. The phone had no charge left in it when I dug it up, but it looked to be in pretty good shape.
When I got home I cleaned out the charging port, put my charger on the phone (luckily the same type of charger my phone uses) and I jumped into the shower. After some time the phone came to life bit there was a pass code to get in to get any information. After a bit of searching I noticed you can get into the missed calls portion of the phone without the pass code. There I could see two phone numbers so I wrote one down and called it from my phone. It turned out to be the young girls grandmother and they lived just a couple hundred yards down the road. She was surprised that someone had found the phone and was actually going to give it back. I told them that I would be over in just a couple of minutes to return the phone. Na’shyia was happy to get her phone back, then again what 10 year old wouldn’t be.

Phone returned July 20, 2017

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