White gold ring recovered from Chatfield State Park reservoir, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Adam and Tiffany were enjoying a hot summer day with their kids at Chatfield State Park in Denver, Colorado. They typically do not go to the typical beaches that are provided but rather prefer the less crowded non-improved beaches further north. Adam is a large guy and has had problems with his ring falling off in the past so when he heard a “plop” and didn’t feel his ring anymore he knew that he had a problem. He was standing in mid-thigh deep water which is just deep enough that he and Tiffany could just reach the bottom of the lake with their hands with their heads above water so they spent several hours trying to feel for the ring.

Tiffany found my contact information on the Ring Finders and we set up a search. The search location was a short hike from a parking lot through a tall grass field then a wooded edge of the lake and then down the beach 100 yards or so. Tiffany sat on the beach watching as Adam and I headed out into the water. Adam was showing my the approximate location he was in when his ring slid off. Several minutes into the search I noticed Tiffany on the phone, she was talking to her brother and discussing what was going on. Her brother was in the process of telling her that Adam’s ring was lost and would never be found when I pulled up a large silver looking ring in my scoop. I just smiled at Tiffany and then to Adam and gave Adam a head nod to come to me. I let him be the person to take the ring out of my scoop. I received a rather big ole bear hug from Adam.

Ring recovered August 18th.

Adams ring - 1 Adam and Tiffany